Frequently asked questions

How many overs can I play in an hour?

At the fastest rate, which is single player, no speed changes and no breaks you can finish a little more than 25 overs.

What if the field needs to be cleared of balls in the middle of my game?

We add 5 minutes to your game time for delays due to ball loading and other stoppages.

Do you do corporate events?

Yes we do. Please give us a call or send us an email at and one of our hosts will contact you wih details.

What material is the ball made of?

The ball is made of a special rubber composite. It has the hardness and texture of a tennis ball.

Are pads and gloves required? Do you provide them?

Since the ball only has the hardness of a tennis ball, pads and gloves are not required. You are welcome to bring your own set should you wish to play with them.